Monthly Update for August 2021

Here we are in August after a very wet July here in Perth WA, there is snow on Bluff Knoll today and I would very much like to be taking the four hour drive down south to climb the look out, and wear in my new trekking boots. Sigh… but duty calls and ties me to my desk. The Bluff Knoll trek will have to be set aside for another day.

A new addition to our household arrived earlier this year. We took in a Cane Corso, he needed a new home as he neediness and appetite was too much for his young family. He is six years old, and is the loveliest, most protective, loyal dog you could imagine. He gets along well with our eleven year old Shepherd Annie (who is sweet, beautiful and protective as well) and the two together are a treat. This picture on the right is Bruce rocking his new onesie. He is short haired and because his fur is very sparse in places he feels the cold, and the heat, basically any degree either side of twenty-two has his running inside. It really didn’t take him long to transition from being an outdoor dog to climbing up on our bed for cuddles every morning. I Love my dogs xxx

Writing Life:

When Lucy came down the Ferris Wheel has just been published. I was very excited to put this out into the world. This is a story about betrayal and manipulation. We trust the people in our lives, we believe that they have the best intentions for us, as we do for them. It takes a lot of courage to step outside the veil our friends and family create around us. All to often the victim has no idea of the lies and deception that hold up this familiar charade.

From the outside Lucy is an ordinary suburban housewife living an idyllic life in Fremantle with her husband Tom and their two children. She could have kept her health issues hidden within the well-manicured walls of her home. But after a recent mental collapse, Lucy discovers that all is not what it seems. She has been manipulated and held captive by her closest friend and betrayed by her husband. Can she untangle herself from the web of lies built around her? What will become of those that betrayed her?

Work in Progress…

I am currently proofing – Love Heals the Heart the third book in my Shades of Love Series a multi protagonist series exploring the many variations of love, relationships and obsessions that we share as humans. Book three follows Scott Clarke to prison and what happens to him in the years following the trial? We follow Allison’s career and her relationship with Robert, who sadly has seen better times (I don’t want to give it away here), and of course there is a cameo from Amber and Woods to bring us up to date their story. I am working hard to have this out in September, and a box set of all three will be available then as well.

What I am reading…

I love the works of Nikki Gemmell, this book, The Ripping Tree, did not disappoint. A great Australian novel that drew me into the story page after page. I needed a few deep breaths to get over the fact that I had read the last page, being so disappointed to be done with this satisfying read.

YouTube – Allison Chapter One…