About Me and Works In Progress

About this blog: 

Hello and thank you for visiting my page. Life is hard, times are tough, and sometimes we just don’t know where to turn. As a reiki practitioner, masseuse and aromatherapist I hear a common complaint. My clients are tired. Ill at ease, tense, stressed, short tempered, harassed, unfulfilled and back again to tired. Too tired to change, too tired to strive. It is hard to make a transition from every day drudgery to a better life. It is often hard to see the possibilities that lay ahead.

My name is Vanessa. I live in Perth West Australia with my beautiful family. I met my husband over a decade ago. We married, and combined our efforts into building a business. It did not work. We are both changing our direction. I am going back to my roots. Back to my alternate treatment practice, back to meditation, reiki, yoga, therapeutic oils, long walks and writing. My husband is following his passion to teach Karate. The carpentry business that has consumed us seven days a week, dusk to dawn for the last ten years has diminished in West Australia’s economic down turn. It has become the background of our lives while we pursue our passions, our new directions.

In this blog I want to share with you everything I know about creating an ideal life. There is no money in this, I am not writing about how to become a millionaire by working four hours a week on the beach. I don’t know how to do that. I am not financially successful or secure. What I am is a few steps away from fulfillment. It is over there on the horizon. I just have to get there.

With Metta (loving kindness)

Vanessa McKay

More from HHH blog 2017

My Intentions.. My Vision with My Health Yoga Course

In January I began my Yoga Teaching Journey. My intentions in starting this course is to find something that I have misplaced. This journey is mine. This course also has its practical applications in my daily life which includes teacher training as well as improving both my physical, emotional and mental health.

I want to return to who I thought I was going to be over a decade ago. At the end of this course I want to know myself, be physically strong, flexible and mentally at ease with my life. I want to linger in moments and enjoy being myself. Where I see myself – 

1 year from now I will be nearing the end of my first yoga course, teaching yoga to a group of women similar to my ladies karate class, running my treatment room from home to again offer massage, aromatherapy and reiki treatments. I will enjoy my life and help others to do the same via one on one interactions, blogging and writing my books.

5 years from now I will be a published author. Yoga and karate practise are intergrated into my everyday life. My Health is good, I am strong and emotionally formidable, full of life and sharing my passions to Help- Create and InspirešŸŒˆ

10 years of sleep, eat and repeat. There is something about affecting a change in someone that warms my heart, that says I matter. I want to look back on the next 10 years and know that I matter to me. I want to affect a positive change in me too and be a person that I admire. 

Namaste šŸ™ 


Fiction – due to be released Jan 2017

A thriller/coming of age tale of  an orphaned singer from Perth West Australia.

When her first love grows away from her, Allison leaves to start a life of her own.  A flirtatous interlude leads her with a nightmare stalking her across the world determined to be the last man to ever have her.  Will she be saved in time?


Fiction – due to be released March 2017

Many women turn the world.  Mothers, daughters, lovers, wives and sisters.  What happens when these relationships become toxic?  What happens when a woman lets that toxicity envelop her?

What happens when her relationships flourish?


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